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🌻 May Edition 🌻

The Market is OPEN on Friday, May 31st!

We missed you!

A Note to our Friends and Supporters:

We missed everyone immensely last week! Hope you all had a fun Memorial Day weekend! Topanga Days reminded us that Topanga is truly such a magical community.

We wanted to pause and give a special thank you to our customers for being the irreplaceable foundation of our market.

With the support of our incredible canyon, this scrappy market has (so far) weathered the ongoing road closure due to the landslide on Hwy 27. The 40+ farmers, makers, artisans and bakers that gather every Friday at the TCC have repeatedly expressed their immense gratitude to our community. It is your continued support that sustains their small businesses and keeps our market thriving.

We are also delighted to share that numerous vendors have expressed that the customers at the Topanga Farmers Market are some of the loveliest people they’ve ever met. Hearing that makes us incredibly proud to be Topangans. Your consistent presence week after week, coupled with the kindness and generosity you extend to our vendors, embodies the true spirit of our community.

Shopping local is now more important than ever. Due to the road closure, it's imperative that we come out in support of our local canyon small businesses. Make sure to follow the new Visit Topanga Instagram account to get updates on fun community events.

The Los Angeles Times has been a true champion for our market and our community during the road closure. If you haven’t seen their latest article, please take a moment to read it here. We were honored to have the Topanga Farmers Market included - again!

And please read on to learn about our newest vendors. We’ve been working hard to take your many suggestions and requests into account and we think you’ll be thrilled with our latest additions. 💚 🥕 

In solidarity,

*NEW* Vendors:

🧀 At Stepladder Ranch & Creamery, they take pride in every aspect of their cheesemaking operation from making sure the goats are well taken care of, using state-of-the-art equipment in the creamery and lots (and lots) of taste testing for quality and freshness. Their cheeses are made in small batches with farmstead goat's milk and local cow's milk by a dedicated and passionate team of cheese lovers.

🐮 Being a sustainable ranch and creamery is non-negotiable for them. They love where they live and work, and want to keep it just as beautiful as when they got there. They utilize solar power, water catchments and circular waste-reduction to support the sustainability of their ranch.

🍅 Meet the Dovalle Family: they combine long years of cooking with a passion for keeping up the Italian craft tradition of making pasta. Check out their diverse selection of fresh pasta, pasta sauce, and even vegan and gluten free pasta using the best imported ingredients and farm fresh vegetables.

🌿 They’ve been incredibly supportive of our aim to be a low-waste market and have been working to provide their products in glass jars and sustainable packaging for our customers. Join us in supporting their efforts in sustainability by finding their booth at the market every Friday! Their fresh pesto has become an instant customer favorite.

Hasi Bread, Studio City

🍞 Started in 2017, European bread culture runs in Häsi Bread’s heritage. Their roots in Austrian countryside tradition, inspired by a four generation baker's family, 160 years of generational technique and progressive vision combined to form what is now Häsi Bread.

💙 Their blue and yellow dough gets it’s beautiful colors from blue pea flower and turmeric root. They source their turmeric from small farms in India. It's milled to order and contains 2x the curcumin content (anti-inflammatory component) over most store bought. Their pea flower is sourced from Thailand and gives the bread a striking blue color while offering antioxidant properties. Marbled together and you have a delicious sourdough, saturated with health benefits.

💛 They take whole grain seriously and bake with unsifted flour, warm off the mill. That's because they believe that baking with freshly milled and organic grains unlocks nutrient power you can feel.

🍷 As champions of the region, Dancing Crow is a family-owned and operated winery with a shared winemaking legacy spanning four generations. They specialize in sustainably grown, French-style wines. The unique combination of volcanic soil, high-elevation vineyards, and mountain-grown fruit allows us to make a more delicate alternative to the traditionally bolder Napa Valley wines you might be used to. Their flagship variety, Sauvignon Blanc, grows beautifully in the region’s abundant sunshine and clean mountain air and is celebrated for its citrus flavors and good acidity.

🍇 All 50 acres of their vineyards are 100% certified sustainable to protect and renew the land. Dancing Crow will be at our market every other Friday.

New Vendors COMING in JUNE!

AZ-Ranch, Agoura Hills

🥑 AZ-Ranch is the Zadeh family's certified organic farm and nursery in Agoura Hills, California. They built their farm in the Santa Monica Mountains in 2000, and they are proud to grow and sell a variety of organic figs, raw honey, organic microgreens, organic avocados, fresh duck eggs and chicken eggs, and many different kinds of organic seasonal fruits and vegetables.

💪🏽 After losing the majority of their farm to wildfires in 2018, they worked harder than ever to rebuild AZ-Ranch to best serve local farmers markets and grocery stores. They built new irrigation systems and greenhouses, expanded their produce selection and even began a second organic farm in Camarillo in 2022. 

🥬 AZ-Ranch is committed to providing unique, high-quality organic farm products while using sustainable farming practices. They’re passionate about experimenting with new types of organic products and are continuously evolving to meet the needs of their communities and customers.

🌱 Creation Family Farms is a biodynamic, permaculture, urban farm in the city of Tarzana. They are one of Los Angeles's last remaining farms and are situated on a half-acre in a residential neighborhood where they grow nutrient dense food with love. They farm specializes in growing anti-cancer food, specifically microgreens, sprouts, mushrooms and herbs.

🌍 They never spray any poisons, pesticides, or chemicals. Their mission is to use plants to heal the human and the earth. Creation Family Farms will be joining the market in June.

We Aim to Be a Low-Waste Market

Please bring your reusable produce and tote bags. If you forget your bags, we have a “Take a Bag, Leave a Bag” box by the manager’s booth and will also be selling our “Topanga Farmers Market” totes, French market bags and produce bags. Vendors will not be supplying plastic bags, but some will have paper bags. Feel free to bring your extra paper grocery bags or tote bags you would like to donate to the “Take a Bag, Leave a Bag” box. This is a work in progress, please let us know if you have ideas on how our market can produce less waste!

We ALWAYS need your support! 

Our new market is only as strong and amazing as the community that supports it. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Share and Comment on our Instagram and Facebook posts: Help show our vendors that we have a vibrant, supportive, and excited community and spread the word to other potential customers.

  • Write a Yelp Review: If you share a Yelp review, show it to us at the Manager’s Booth and we’ll give you a coupon for a free tamale.

  • Spread the Word: Talk to your friends and neighbors who don’t use email or social media, and share the good news about the market.

  • Market Volunteers: Sign up to work at the market on Fridays. Click here to express interest in volunteering or email us.

  • Market Sponsors: We still have a lot of work to do – and we have big plans for the future. We would like to enhance the market with music and entertainment, children’s programs, nonprofit booths and special events like electronic recycling and workshops. We also need ongoing support for our regular operating costs. Check out our Market Sponsorship Program here.

  • Artists: Apply to sell your art and wares at the market. Apply here.

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